Act Responsible, Think Sustainable.

Ruti Group Limited (the “Group”) is a company that aims to advance the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) through its investments in the Central and Eastern African region.


Our Mission

RUTI GROUP creates and invests in sustainable social enterprises in the Great Lakes region for the benefit of its stakeholders, its founders and society at large.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading social enterprises in the Region of the Great Lakes by 2030



Passion to create

We value initiative and informed risk-taking in the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities and investments

Passion to share

We share the fruit of our efforts with communities in need of support

Passion to teach

We develop human potential and build capacity for a better life



Co-Founder & CEO


Chairman of the BoD


Co-Founder & CFO

Dominique NEDEE

Co-Founder & CFO

Isabelle ByUSA

Board Member


Board Member

Our Projects


Ècole Du Bon Bergerr (EBB)

Founded in January 2017, the school is the Group’s first venture. It offers a multilingual and quality education and is built on the principles of empowerment, social diversity and well-being. About 20% of the current 485 pupils at EBB are supported mainly through the school’s revenue.
The EBB’s strategic investment structure allows pupils from truly diverse social backgrounds to access high quality but affordable private education.

The new school Ècole Du Bon Berger
With EBB’s population projected to grow to 810 pupils in 2024, the Group plans to widen its impact by franchising the proven ‘EBB model’ across Rwanda and the region.
Photo :One of several playground at EBB
Photo :One of several playground at EBB


The Good Food Company (GFC).

While managing the organic growth of EBB, the group is planning the incorporation of a catering company known as the Good Food Company. The GFC will run the existing bakery which currently sells its daily bread and pastries to the school and neighbours of the school.
Photo: a trainer from Vandemoortele training EBB's bakery staff
Inside its future premises at the EBB campus, the GFC’s new multipurpose hall will host the school’s canteen during the week, and other festive or meeting events over the week-end and during school holidays
Photo: Proposed plan of the GFC multipurpose hall.

The new modern kitchen will have the capacity for the preparation of breakfast and lunch meals for 1’000 pupils and staff members every day. The canteen will only serve food that is locally grown and organically produced.
The meals will be prepared and served by trainees under the supervision of professional staff through the GFC vocational training programme for unemployed adults. The same staff members will serve during the several events hosted at the GFC hall and external engagements through its catering service. The new international airport presents a immense opportunity for the GFC.

Sustainable tourism

The Group has been exploring opportunities in the field of sustainable tourism. In December 2019 a piece of land was secured near the Virunga national park and in August 2020 a LOI was signed between the Group and a leading Belgian tour operator who is active in the field of sustainable tourism in Africa.

Facts and figures

EBB & RUTI Group

  • As of September 2020, the Board have invested over EUR 450’000 in the Group.
  • The company has no bank financing on its balance sheet due to their high cost locally.
  • From its 2nd financial year onwards, the company has returned EBITDA margins above 15% and projected to increase substantially after Covid.
  • 52 full time jobs created over 3 years. Among them, 11 refugees from DR Congo and Burundi who rebuilt their personal and professional lives.
  • All staff members receive competitive packages which include education support of their children and private health insurance which covers their entire family.

Why Rwanda?

  • 2nd position in Africa in 2020 World Bank Doing Business Report.
  • 3rd fastest growing economy in the world with a 9,4% GDP growth in 2019 (World Bank)
  • 4th least corrupt in Africa according to the 2019 report by Transparency international.
  • Safest country in Sub-Saharan Africa (WEF 2019)
  • Political will towards issues related to climate change
  • Home to the SDG Center for Africa
  • Easy access to the East African Community free trade block with a population of over 170million.


Contact We are available to answer questions via email at or by telephone. Rwanda: +250-788 474 408 Europe: +32-484 05 13 67 +41 78 343 308