EBB – Construisons l’Avenir

Personal and professional development training for all ages

EBB – Construisons l’Avenir

Personal and professional development training for all ages

We help your children
to get the life they want.

Founded in 2017, the Ecole Du Bon Berger is a unique vision of what education can be: high quality, learner-centered, and affordable for parents. A first of its kind in the Bugesera district, the school has over 50 staff members who provide its 600 pupils a high-standard education in French, English and Kinyarwanda. Ecole du Bon Berger recognizes that teachers are the most critical factor in a student’s learning journey. As a result, the school invests in thorough teacher recruitment, provides the training they need to remain at the top of their profession, as well as a highly competitive salary and other additional fringe benefits. Our pupils enjoy a modern environment adapted to their needs in which they can learn, play and make friends.


A wonderful environment where children can learn and grow

We care for your child by providing a nurturing environment.
  • Our objective is to prepare and equip them for a fulfilled, happy and successful life.
  • Respect, responsibility, competence and resilience as well as instilling a life long love of learning are key factors in achieving this.
  • Our preschool teachers are qualified and experienced, both in Rwanda and internationally.
  • We provide a stimulating learning environment which encourages creativity, exploration and authentic experiences as a basis for conceptual understanding.
  • Our natural outdoor area offers children opportunities to engage in activities that promote an awareness of the environment.

An inspired approach to education and life long learning.

Ècole Du Bon Berger students will live lives of personal excellence and will become:

  • High academic achievers
  • Self directed learners
  • Engaged and contributing members of their communities

A friendly learning environment

The Doors
to the Future

A Passion for


A Caring

High quality
of education

A Tradition
Of Excellence