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Personal and professional development training for all ages

Our Organization

Ruti Group Ltd.

The Ecole du Bon Berger is fully owned and run by RUTI GROUP, a Social Enterprise governed by Rwandan law, registered with the Office of the Registrar General under the enterprise number 106702534.

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Committee of Parents

All Rwandan schools are required by law to establish parent-teacher committees. Together with the school leadership and founders, the committee of parents call a General Assembly meeting once per term. The Committees review the educational, operational and financial aspects of the school including nutritional quality of the meals, cleanliness of the facilities, compliance with the national curriculum and perform financial audits.

Promotion D’un Bel Avenir (PBA)

PBA is a foundation created to support social actions across all RUTI GROUP projects. Notable actions include: provision of scholarships for pupils from low-income families, continuous professional development for the Staff and remedial education in culinary arts for local youth to bridge their skills gaps.

Our Story

Ecole du Bon Berger was founded by Justine and Robert in 2017. The school sits on inherited family land that was in complete ruin following the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi. Motivated to play a participative role in developing her devastated community, Justine dreamed of launching a vocational center as a pathway out of poverty and into job creation for many young and unemployed village residents.

Justine ran her idea with the local authorities, and was advised to prioritize a school for children instead, given the pressing need of good schools for young learners in Bugesera district. Following their guidance, she joined forces with Robert, her son to co-found the Ecole du Bon Berger.

In its first year of operation, the school enrolled 80 learners spread across 5 nursery classrooms. Since then, the school’s infrastructure and ambition have grown to accommodate 810 students in 2024, according to the strategic plan.

Along with the school project, the founders created an apprenticeship programme to offer training and work opportunities to disadvantaged women, giving them a chance to (re)integrate into working society while providing vital support services to the school.

Founded in 2017, the Ècole Du Bon Berger is a unique vision of what education can be: high quality, learner-centered, and affordable for parents. A first of its kind in the Bugesera district, the school has over 50 staff members who provide its 600 pupils a high-standard education in French, English and Kinyarwanda. Ecole du Bon Berger recognizes that teachers are the most critical factor in a student’s learning journey. As a result, the school invests in thorough teacher recruitment, provides the training they need to remain at the top of their profession, as well as a highly competitive salary and other additional fringe benefits. Our pupils enjoy a modern environment adapted to their needs in which they can learn, play and make friends.https://youtu.be/KNyL6Z2lXKQ

Our 3 Pillars

AUTONOMIE (Self-sufficiency and empowerment)

The founders of EBB decided early on that the school would be self-sustaining. Unconvinced by initiatives that are over-reliant on the goodwill of donors, the founders were set on operating EBB as a social enterprise instead of a non-profit and with a fundamentally different raison d’etre: serving society for the well-being of all stakeholders, of a school and most importantly those who deserve our efforts and support the most: the children.

MIXITÉ SOCIALE (Inclusivity and Equal Opportunity)

We know that the path out of poverty is through a quality education, and that sustainable development can only be achieved when all layers of society have access to it.
Our model was designed to enable students from all socio-economic backgrounds to learn together and serve as a meeting point for students who would otherwise never cross paths.
We strive to offer a world-class education at a lower cost than classic private schools – while also supporting those pupils whose parents are unable to afford the full tuition.

BIEN ÊTRE (An environment for well-being and success)

Children thrive in a secure and joyful environment, in which they can learn and develop their potential. To what extent this can be achieved depends largely on the motivation and qualification of teachers. Ecole du Bon Berger is fortunate to attract the highest calibers among teachers, among which are refugees from Burundi and DR Congo. The school offers a competitive remuneration package which includes educational support for teachers’ children and private health insurance for their entire family. Modern amenities, good working conditions for our staff and open lines of communication with the parents of our pupils ensure the best outcome for all.

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